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see mute - done by pushing your front knee out and pulling your front hand behind you while doing a mute grab. some people do them with a frontside shifty as well, which is cool looking.
i dont know why its called japan.
by karl July 10, 2004
one who listens to any subgenre of techno or electronica music. can sometimes be a derogatory term, thus, it carries stereotypes.
the following is a conversation that actually happened to me.
guy: dude, what the hell are you listening to?
me: well, that depends on what you want me to say. If i say, "electronic music" then you won't care. but if i use the word "techno" then you'll call me an idiot. so whichever one you want to hear is fine by me because i don't care what anyone else thinks.
guy: you listen to techno!? you're such an idiot!
by karl May 01, 2004
Used to express ones self when excited, pleasured, being pleasured, frustrated, annoyed, temporarily retarded, or when under the influence of narcotics.

History: Originally created by the mind of an adolecent who habitually smokes marajauna; to which he creates odd words to express himself in a truly unique way.
"toooof, nurff, chava chava!!!"
"Aaron shut the hell up dude."
by Karl November 01, 2004
a refresher of the vaginal region
look down your local confectioners
by Karl November 25, 2003
when you're injured to the point that you can't fully function anymore. its hard or impossible to walk, use your hands, see, talk, write, hear, etc. hard to do daily functions. commonly used to describe one's condition after a skateboaring related injury, thus meaning it's hard to skate anymore because of the injury
that guy tried to ollie a 20 set and he rolled both his ankles, they broke. he can't walk for a few months and his skating career is basically down the tubes... he's totally jacked
by karl March 20, 2005
"yes" uttered with the accent of an testosterone-filled, hairy-chested, hairy, antonio banderas / don juan type of spaniard.
keane: i'm going to give you my copy of the Milli Vanilli album.

by karl October 30, 2004
Gives a whole new meaning to, "...Party in the rear."
When you cut your hair into a mullet, peopla say that you want, "business in the front and a party in the rear."
by Karl March 15, 2004
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