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An ancient race of humanoids from planet of the same name. Some famous Vulcans include Spock, Sarek, Surak, T'Pau. T'Pol' T'Pring
Dude, just go Vulcan when the cop catches up and pulls us over.
by Karl November 21, 2004
beauty has several definitions, but mine is a bit more large-scale than most: just look around you: babies forming in wombs, injuries healing, lifeforms reproducing, brains working, bodies moving, etc. all have been made to be recognized and glorified, but ultimately, to point toward a Designer.
the universe is so beautiful, it makes one wonder; 'has this all come from nothing? has all of this just materialized into existance? or is there a Creator who designed it? those who are willing to find are willing to seek.
by karl July 11, 2004
When a man takes a shit on a woman's chest in between her tits, and then proceeds to titty fuck her.
After Samuel took the shit on his girlfriend's chest, he placed his member on the shit and between her breats, and let her have it.
by Karl March 12, 2004
possibly the most used and sampled breakbeat of all time. comes from the winston brothers' "amen brother" used mainly in drum 'n' bass, jungle, even some hip hop. chances are, if you listen to dnb, then you've heard it at least once.
the amen break is cool because it is so heavily compressed and it doesn't sound like banging on a tin can when you speed it up.
by karl July 08, 2004
1. a rhythm that is broken, syncopated, or abstract. used in funk, jazz, hip-hop, drum 'n' bass, etc
2. a style of music that uses breakbeats. common artists include but are not limited to the chemical brothers, the crystal method, fatboy slim, etc.
8th notes on the hi-hat is assumed here.
o= opened hi-hat
c= closed hi hat
s= snare drum
b= bass drum.
each dash is one 16th rest.

not a break beat:
bco-sco-bco-sco- :|


b-c-s-csbbs-csb- :|

b-cbs-bscsbbsbo- :|
by karl July 12, 2004
often used to describe what live tv editors use to cover up comments they see unfit for television. normaly consists of a sinewave or triangle wave, something with fairly low harmonics and hollow sounding.
the man appeared to have said an inappropriate word on jerry springer, but that was just the censors gooding off. they make people sound like they are swearing when they are not, just to raise ratings. probably not, but it would be funny if that was true..
by karl June 13, 2004
Clever saying that Fozzy Bear delivers after telling one of his sensational jokes. The closing exclamation point to one of his hilarities.
Fozzy: "What do you call a cow with no legs? Give up? Ground beef! Wacca wacca!"
by Karl March 14, 2004

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