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97 definitions by KARL

Slang for "boner"; an erection.
"I've got the fattest ner right now."
by Karl December 20, 2003
A Computer genious.
Nobody could do that on a computer except Yolt.
by Karl August 14, 2003
Having anal marmalade ooze into your mouth
After receiving a hot karl, food tastes better
by karl March 17, 2003
religion is the enemy of God. that may have sounded a bit weird, but I define religion as the traditions and rituals (which are often times unessecary) that surround a particular beleif. I personally consider Catholosism to be a religion because they do many activities that are not outlined in the Bible. Religion is a distraction from God.
athiest: are you religious?
guy in question: well, that depends on what you mean by religion. If i say, 'yes' then i become subject to much belittling. If i say no, it would seem as if i do not beleive in god. I'm in a rut!
by karl May 28, 2004
commonly stands for 'Just Kidding' when used online, but can also refer to the ultimate comedian of all time, John Kerry. so whenever you use 'JK', you can think of it as respectfully telling the truth and saluting the world's greatest comedian at the same time!
J.K. was jk about all that 'running for president' stuff... we all knew anyways. well, at least those of us with some moral backbone and decisiveness at least.
by karl December 29, 2004
Any two-seated sports car that is clearly aspirational in its ownership. For example a Mazda MX5 or a BMW Z3.
Omg! I can't believe they've got an MX5. That is such a hairdresser's car...
by Karl January 18, 2004
A trashy 80's metal song about space travel by a Swedish metal band called Europe. One can be entertained by listening to this song for hours.
Haha The Final Countdown is playing. What a crappy song.
by Karl April 05, 2005