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Haugesund is a small town in Norway. they are realy lazy and stupid but they got balls and never ever gets knocked to the ground! they are some thuff mother fuckers.
"ey that guy is on fire"
"dont worry he's from Haugesund. He'll be allright"


"I just dropped a piano from the 72th floor on that guy over there and he is still standing!"
"dont worry he's from haugesund he'll never bother to run after you!
by kaos April 19, 2005
1. Members of the clan that engages in the appreciation of the music of Interpol.

2. Cool people.
Howy, and Pedro. Not so much Pedro as Howy.
by kaos January 30, 2005
Pleasing, well accepted and delightful.. or just plain fuckin kewl.
That weed was groovish.
by kaos October 13, 2003
Queen Lady Kaos™ feared Dread Pirate Bonney and Queen Of Sporks™.
Otherwise known as the LollyPop Slut™
totally exampleless unknown qualities other than the desire to share blowpops
by Kaos September 18, 2004
shapsa=slang for slurpe/eat noisily
lurum= latin for cheat/fool
mostly connected with soup. Beeing a shapsa'lurum eating soup
by KAOS September 28, 2003
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