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also known as the hottest chick in the world, n the hottest name ever, uk u want her :)
ohhh Kaity is SO fine, too bad shes with that otha guy...
by KAITY May 22, 2004
A nerd who sits at home with his 2 moms, that are not necessarily lesbians and plays 2D single player PC games.
Dustin has a mom and a stepmom, sits at home and does nothing but the phone and his video games. He's a definate krupic.
by Kaity April 23, 2004
To be hoisted up into the air with your Mexican food item in your lap. You are tied up, beaten, and then the taco is removed from your possesion.
Unnamed patient: ...and then, when i was eleven, I was tacojacked by a gang of local eighth graders...man, they were SO big.
Dr. Willurd: You have touched a part in me; I, too, have felt the singeing pain of being the victim of tacojacking.
by Kaity July 02, 2004
a man/ woman that is stupidly retarded and has no comman sence
Danne, you're such a bung hole
by Kaity November 06, 2004

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