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A room in which a bunch of weed plants are grown and harvested.
All the weed is about to be harvested in the growhouse.

Something like that, shit, I don't fuckin know. Shit. I'm stoned. I can't be expected to know what to write for the 'example' part of these things. Shit.
by Kah March 18, 2014
An atrocity so horrific that neither "sucks" nor "blows" is sufficient as a descriptor.
"Shit dude, that lady just jacked my winning lottery ticket. This sucks and blows."
by kah February 21, 2004
The act of claiming someones looks gay or is doing something gay without actually someone who is actually gay. almost like being metrosexual
hey dude you look homalicious today, or what you just did was super homalicious
by KAH October 10, 2012
An indication that you're ready to roll out.
This party sucks and blows Luca, time to boobie up.
by kah February 21, 2004

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