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The girl in the corner, most likely to be left at or near the closing of the bar since all the hot birdies were picked up.
Typically, a grenade which the hot friend has left w/o her and the dude's wingman bailed rather than face the humility...usually picked off by a desperate guy or a bouncer.
See that girl walkin in...total 145'er! HEY WINGMAN !?!
by KA551 September 21, 2006
Finishing up after sex and suddenly realizing you pulled out without the condom.

Then followed by 'THE DRYCLEANER' (See Def.)
"Man, I must've had really bad drunken sex with that chick last night. I even Forgeting Your Jacket at The Party.
...had to use the ol' 'drycleaner' to fish it out!
by KA551 October 28, 2007
Using your index finger to pull the condom out after sex.

The technique similar to holding your drycleaning and have several shirt hangers on your index fingers.
Dont know what happened last night but I had to use "The Drycleaner" to get the condom out!!!
by KA551 October 28, 2007

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