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A term that is strictly used as a description of a uniquely frustrating and difficult personality type, and NOT as a racial slur.

Typically, WOGDUMB describes a person who displays at least one of the following personality traits:

- Despite an obvious lack of intelligence, the person exhibits total belief in their mental capacity and/or clarity of thought.

- Is so dim that they are actually not capable of realising how dim they truly are.

- Has absolutely zero self awareness about the fact that their own words often totally invalidate their own opinion, or whos words effectively argue a viewpoint that they are opposed to.

- Is incapable of becoming, or even attempting to become, more informed or better educated through logical or factual discussion.

- Manages to accidentally butcher their chosen language by improperly using common or colloquial sayings, without realising they have done so.

- Is totally devoid of any understanding of the subject on which they speak, contrary to their own strong belief otherwise.


- Ricky, of Trailer Park Boys

- Guido Hatsis

- George W. Bush

- Paris Hilton

- The Gotti Boys (TV series family)

- Pauline Hanson

"Jesus that bloke is so WOGDUMB!"

"Poor, simple, WOGDUMB bastard..."

"If he/she was any dumber they would be WOGDUMB."

"That chick I dated last week was mad hot, but totally WOGDUMB...it could never work between us."
by K9GUY June 01, 2009
Fuckchops is a wonderfully adaptable word, which can be used as a term of endearment, an insult, or an adjective.
"Hello fuckchops, how was your day?"

"Listen fuckchops, either you pull your head in or I will pull it off."

"My parents walked in on me going down on my girlfriend last night, and thanks to all the pussy juice when I looked up to see who had opened the door I had a killer set of fuckchops on me."
by K9GUY June 03, 2009
First used in early 2009 in Victoria, Australia, this term is commonly used as a colloquial term in both a descriptive and derogatory fashion.

Noun - To describe a person that shows a distinct lack of moral fibre and/or moral scruples. A person that acts selfishly, with or without any thought, towards a person or persons towards whom they should demonstrate respect, grattitude, or ethcial consideration towards.

Adjective- An act that is performed by one person towards another person, often causing tremendous disadvantage to the affected party, and is performed to provide the perpetrator with some type of gain or advantage.
SIDNEY is a term that can be used in the same fashion as, and in place of, the term Judas.

"I got that bitch a job, a house, lent him money, and then she pulled a SIDNEY on me. She took my job, screwed my husband, and kicked my dog. What a cock smoker!"

"I cant believe he chucked a SIDNEY on me! After all I have done for that guy he really stabbed me in the back..."

"Mate, I really need your support on this right now. If I bring you in on this project you better make sure you don't rip me SIDNEY style, or I will be forced to kick your ass!"

"I can't believe my bastard husband! He left me with a young child, no money, took the car, and was fucking my best friend behind my back...he really handed me the big SIDNEY, and I don't know what to do."

"You treacherous, SIDNEY-ass motherfucker."
by K9GUY June 01, 2009

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