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Someone who is nasty and trashy, but for some sickening reason think they are a peace of God-given beauty, but really they just cant afford a mirror! See also gutter skank!
Jimmy is a skank, he's dirty and smells like smoke, but he got this amish hair goin on!
by K8e April 17, 2004
Woosabi is a word meaning cool or wicked awesome! Should be used with excitement and a chinese accent!
The party was completely Woosabi!
by K8e March 31, 2004
A person, typically a chic, who is as dirty and skanky as one can get, can be hoish, slutty, disgusting, or jus plain NASTY!
Jenny is such a gutter skank, did u see those hooker boots she was wearing yesterday, she thinks she Julia Roberts!
by K8e April 03, 2004

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