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1 definition by K3ll4rd

Fux0r 1 (Fuhkz*ohr*)n. 1. A synonym in the internet language known as "l337," sometimes refered to as "h4x0r," meaning "fuck," 2. a textual expression of discontent. {Eng.<hax./l337<net lingo>>}

Fux0r 2 (Fuhkz*ohr*) v. 1. To fornicate, 2. to be a jackass, bitch, or otherwise undesirable type of person.
{Eng.<hax./l337<net lingo>>}
Fux0r 1 "You have been killed!"
> "O fux0r!"

Fux0r 2a. "I need to get fux0r3d."

2b. "Jim, j00 n00b fux0r!"
by K3ll4rd November 17, 2004