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Garden City is a simply a rich town. It is located in Central Nassau County on Long Island. As soon as you enter the town, you will know it. You will suddenly see Multi-Million dollar estates with several German Luxury Sedans Parked In The Driveways.

The kids who live in Garden City are extremely stuck up and think that they are better than everyone because their Dad is CEO of some fortune 500 company or plays golf with Donald Trump. The kids are very preppy. The least affluent Garden City kids teens Abercrombie and Fitch. Many Garden City teens wear Polo, Lacoste, and Burberry. The girls wear Juicy Couture and only carry handbags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi.

It is extremely common practice for a Garden City HS teen, upon getting his/her license, to be given a Luxury SUV such as BMW or Mercedes. (I guess, they are more Like "Luxury Activity Vehicles") I go to GCHS, and one of my friends recently recieved a Range Rover Sport Supercharged (its like $80,000) and another recieved a new 5series BMW ($50,000) , another a Mercedes ML500 ($55,000). (I am recieving my dad's BMW X5)($58,000) Dont worry, if you crash your German Luxury Car, your dad WILL buy you another.

Garden City HS teens are also extremely good at sports, particulary lacrosse. Manhasset is the Garden City rival.

There is no diversity in Garden City. In Garden City High School, there are approximately 1200 students. Of those 1196 of them are white. The few black kids are excluded.

GCHS Teens tend to get into exceptional colleges, many Ivy League. (mostly because of dad's influence or financial contributions to the school) GCHS teens also party hard on the weekends and do stupid stuff, but money will always bail us out.
Garden City Girl # 1says:
"Saturday night i crashed my new BMW convertible into a tree.....I was totally wasted."

Other Garden City Girl # 2 Says:
"O M G ....Your dad will get you another car right?"

# 1 says:
"Yeah totally" "i told him this time i want a Maserati convertible" "A BMW makes me look poor"

by K333 May 16, 2006
Abercrombie is simply a clothing store for privileged teens. The people who wear clothes from Abercrombie are generally rich and extremely good-looking. This clothing line is heavily worn in the Northeast and particulary graces the shores of Long Island and Connecticut, from the ultra-affluent and ultra-posh towns of Garden City and Manhasset on Long Island to the towns of Greenwich and Westport in Connecticut.

People who wear Abercrombie generally think they are better than everyone else, not because they are wearing Abercrombie , but because they simply are rich.

Abercrombie is certainly a target of controversy, particulary because of its lack of racial diversity and the price of its clothes. There definitely are more expensive brands such as Lacoste, Burberry and Ralph Lauren that grace the very same shores of Long Island and Connecticut, but Abercrombie is the only one that gets criticized because of its extrememly in your face advertising. Everyone who wears Abercrombie is advertising for them. Abercrombie is an easy target for criticism, from those who either cannot afford to shop there or those who don't have the body type to look good in their skimpy clothes.

While some people may feel that paying $198 for special "Ezra Fitch" jeans from Abercrombie, or $40 for a t-shirt, or $70 for a button down shirt is completely insane, there are enough people from the Northeast (mostly Long Island and Connecticut) that can afford to pay these prices and do simply to flaunt their wealth, myself being one of these people.
Teen #1 says: Look at that guy all dressed in Abercrombie. My God, his outfit must add up to close to $800 dollars with his $400 jacket, $200 jeans, $70 collared shirt with the collar popped, and $150 cashmere sweater over the shirt.

Teen #2 says: You are mistaken. That shirt is from the "Ezra Fitch" line at Abercrombie. The shirt is not $70, it is $130. Now the outfit is officially close to $1000.

Teen # 1 says: Garden City, definitely lives in Garden City.
by K333 April 20, 2006

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