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To be extremely drunk or wasted.
1. Last night I was so shitfaced, I fell down the stairs and busted my lip.

2. Anthony was so shitfaced he tried to go through the doggie door and hit his eye.

3. I was shitfaced and threw up on my friend, it was sick.
by K.M.A November 01, 2004
Stands for kiss my ass.
1. Damn it baby, K.M.A! You always have to argue with everything I say!

2. K.M.A dramaqueen, you talk to much mess.
by K.M.A November 06, 2004
Slang for someone with pimp skills but isn't exactly a pimp.
1. All those phone calls Ashley gets from guys begging for her is really pimplike.

2. Lisa pulled that guy easily, it was so pimplike of her.

3. Garrett failed to be pimplike when he got caught kissing that fuckup girl.
by K.M.A November 01, 2004
1.This is what you call a friend; buddy. 2. Can be an insult meaning someone is ugly.
1. What's up fuckface?

2. Hey fuckface! I got us invited to a party!

(second def.)

1. That fuckface called me a stick!

2. Hey Fuckface...take your mama's car home and get a real one!
by K.M.A November 06, 2004
An adjective describing anyone who messes up a lot or has messed up badly.
1. Garrett was a great boyfriend but he was a fuckup when it came to being a player, so I denied him of being his girlfriend for long.

2. Jami, I would have considered you a good "player" but you are such a fuckup when it comes to guys!

3. What a fuckup! He just tripped over a crayon!
by K.M.A November 01, 2004
A guy with weak game in the player field.
My ex boyfriend was a doktor and man were his skills weak! I played him at least 6 times when he was at the same party as me and he still doesn't know! Then he kissed a girl with ugly teeth..and even she says he is a doktor!
by K.M.A November 01, 2004

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