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3 definitions by K.M

Pronounced "shnasty". Worse than nasty. Worse than shit. It's shitnasty.
"I found a sandwich in my locker, I think it was in there for over a year". "That's shitnasty!".
by K.M May 13, 2006
What those who can't afford the real thing wear on their shirt.
Is that from the GAP? No it says G.A.P. G dot A dot P dot.
by K.M May 13, 2006
Short for Espanola, Ontario, Canada. Best known for it's Paper Mill with its unforgettable and unusual odour. Also refered to as Shittown by many of the local kids.
I've gotta go back to Espo for the summer. I'm gonna have to get use to the smell all over again.

I'm from Espo. Does it look like I'm from Spain?
by K.M May 13, 2006