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1) A creepy guy who cracks on to girls in unsubtle ways.

2) A guy who tries to initiate sex with a girl in boorish offensive way.

3) A sexual harasser.

4) An active pervert (as opposed to a peeping tom which is passive pervert).
I just sat next to him and the slease tried to put his hand up my dress.
by K.C.D.L May 24, 2004
An Australian term used usually in primary or high school.

A group of unattractive, feral girls.
"Cheryl's a mole from the mole patrol."
by K.C.D.L May 24, 2004
A girl that acts all nice and innocent round her family and totally out of control around everyone else. She's usually has soem combination of the following traits: sluttiness, bitchiness, ditziness, unfaithfullness and extreme shallownesss. Basically like the Alicia Silverstone character from "Clueless". This is dangerously combined with being extremely beautiful, and they wrap men (usually young and naive) around their little fingers. The parents are usually completely oblivious. Her bedroom will be adorned with soft toys, porcelin dolls and other girly paraphenalia.
That Karen is such an urban princess.
by K.C.D.L May 24, 2004
square mannish breast on butch women.
"You are such mole Cheryl. Take you and your bitch tits somewhere else would ya!"
by K.C.D.L May 24, 2004

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