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The unintentional (psycosomatic) movent of one body parts, such as, arms or legs.

The movement of ones body parts , without intenionally wanting them to move.

To really do something "not" on purpose.
"It was purelly Unintentional Psycosomatic Movement"

Owe!! I bit my toungue again!

"Sorry Mom!" "I didn't really mean to do that! It was purely unintentional."

It was an accident. Mom.
I didn't really do it on purpose.
by K.C. Meadows February 11, 2012
Thatanology. n.

The study of:"That one"; The systematic catechization of a person or race in society,either socially,physically or psychologically.
1. If we would have used "Thatanology" before he died, we could have saved him from the imminent danger of further abuse.

2. The day will come for "Thatanology" to rear its head and show us how ugly the past really was in Jesus's day.
by K.C. Meadows October 28, 2012

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