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3 definitions by K. Ninja

A misspelling of gullible... most often used to trick people into searching the dictionary for it.
"I swear gullable isn't written in the dictionary!"
by K. Ninja February 22, 2007
194 78
Refers to "pow"der snow, in skiing or snowboarding.
Pronounced "paow paow".
"It was snowing all night"
"Sick, lets hit the powpow"
by K. Ninja February 25, 2007
39 15
When you know something is bad for you, like paint thinner fumes, but you choose to ignore it... Can apply to substances other than turpentine.
"It smells like death in here!"
"I know, it's turpentastic!!!"
by K. Ninja February 22, 2007
27 7