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The Greatest Show of All-Time.
Chad: "Yo, you watching 'The Wire' tonight?"
Kai: "Of course. I'm not a fucking idiot."
by K. Magnus June 25, 2009
An ugly or busted female. Derived from UGG boots, which are very, very ugly.
(A busted girl walks by thinking she's Megan Fox.)

Kizzle: "Yo, that bitch was boots!"
D: "::shakes head:: Boots?"
Kizzle: "UGGS!"
by K. Magnus June 25, 2009
A person who never knows whether to push or pull when approaching a doorway, usually ending in embarrassment.
(Tony, like a dick, tries to push open the glass lobby door that is clearly labeled PULL, hurting himself, spilling his coffee, dropping his phone, and making a noise loud enough to turn heads.)

David (walking by): Did you see that? Tony just smashed his face into that door!
Rees: Fucking Tony. What a dooron.
by K. Magnus August 21, 2014
A dirty, slutty, whore of a woman. Loose refers to the elasticity of her oft-used vagina.
(At your friend's wedding, a hot, yet obviously slutty girl is on the dance floor, dropping it to the floor and flashing everyone her vag)

Kai: Yo, did you see that girl in the black dress?
Drew: With the brown hair? You mean Jessica. I know her from college.
Kai: Oh... Is she Loose McGoose?
Drew: I mean, she's been known to suck a dick or four...
by K. Magnus June 08, 2011

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