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When a man cums in the reciever's eye, after engaging in anal sex, but leaves little chunks of poop in the reciever's eyeball, making it look like there's rust in their eye.
Guy 1: "So, Kim and I were fucking last night, and she wanted anal. So I gave it to her and I busted a nut right in her eye, and there was a little piece of shit in her eye after that"

Guy 1's friend: "OMG DUDE LOL RUSTY EYEBALL!!"
#rusty eyeball #rusty #anal sex #spunk #eye #cum #poop #shit #eye poop #clemin
by K. Blaize February 06, 2009
One who comes from or acts like they're from Parisland, home of Paris Hilton. More commonly known as a California. Someone whom is from parisland is generally ditsy and stupid.

The typical parislander idolizes Paris Hilton and tries to be just like her by whoring around.
Dude #1: "Yo, see that ditsy chick over there?"

Dude #2: "Yeah, the whorish one?"

Dude #1: "Yeah, she's a total Parislander."
#parisland #california #paris hilton #dumb #malory #queef #whore #charlie brown #clemin
by K. Blaize February 18, 2009
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