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A rough ass person from Port Talbot, South Wales. This person will be seen out in public dripping with cheap gold, probably has about 5 kids, also dripping in gold.

Only ever seen out in public on benefit day, so they can collect it and spend it on fags and booze.
When out in a pub and a rough ass person walks in :

"Look at that Port-Talbion over there"

and proceed to point and laugh.
by K. February 05, 2004
like a savage- u do something cool-or sumthin cool happens
like if u chug somebeer and yur friend goes-dude that wuz savage, or dude yur a savage
by k. November 11, 2003
Fucking wordfagtardword who should die a terrible death. Hated by the rtcw.co.uk community and everybody with a common sense.
I wish I lived near xatom so I could poke his eyes out and pee in his skull.
by K. March 09, 2003

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