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Fucking Champion. Proof that the second your girlfriend breaks up with you for another guy life can be happier. by doing the following with rid of her in your life: lose 30 plus pounds, get a high paying job, get nothing lower than a B in college.

All in all, proof that girlfriends as good looking as they are and willing to give up sex whenever can stress you out. When they fly the coop for someone else, don't look back and move forward. Never skip a beat.

He was on the news for his extreme weight loss. Hero to men everywhere alike, especially those who got dumped by their girlfriend for another guy (typical female) looking for a strategy just to survive.
example 1:

mike: yo did you see that clown leadbeater is dating?
julio: yeah too bad that happened, because while she's working at best buy...hes got a job that pays double that. I don't know how he did it. Oh yeah....without her.

example 2:

Steve: man, my girlfriend that i've been going out with for 3 years dumped me...now i have no one
dan: oh, thats fine! just pull an eddie white and see how happy you are when you're SINGLE and meeting all different kind of girls!
by K-Lit August 30, 2008

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