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Roasted has several definitions:

1. To be extremely drunk or lean.

2. To get done over by someone.

3. To be verbally abused for doing something stupid.
1. Chris: Owen was so roasted last night, he went home early.

2. Ben: You should of seen it, Owen got roasted at Pro Evo.

3. Owen: Yesterday, I supermaned my mum.
Chris: You must have been so roasted.
Ben: Owen, you are a wasteman!
by K-Lash March 09, 2008
A cross between roasted and toasted. It is the ultimate form of being done over.
Ben: Owen got so drunk last night, he fell over in the park while he was running away with my hat.

Chris: Clearly he was r'toasted.
by K-Lash March 10, 2008
Someone who chats a lot of breeze all the time.
Owen: I supermaned my mum last night.

Chris: Damn man, you chat curly wurly.

Ben: Roasted.
by K-Lash March 09, 2008
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