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Made Up Drama. When they take the dirt stir it up with intentions to coat a situation to cover the open view of how it really is.

No body cares what people think. They all want to medicate. It's all turned to MUD.

Political campaigns: MUD

Family Ties: MUD

Ex's MUDers.
Wow, man that's a bunch of MUD.

Dude, some people. Mean, vindictive think they know it all MUD'rs.

Whats all that MUD for?

Let them sling all the MUD they want, know thy self, love thy self enough to know that MUD is every where and inside every one that wants what they do not poses for the sake of what they were not granted to have in the first place.

Does that MUD make any sense?

That fool really thinks any of this MUD is to the advantage of any one or maybe every one, it's a toss up, but then who flips the toss first man or tosses the first flip?

Watch that MUD girl, I bet he Pee'd in the dirt then trye's to sling it at you.

Girl when he/she slings that much MUD a persons way because he/she want's to be dirty. Wash it off, take a few breaths and Goodness loves a shower.

The dirt need the water to make the MUD work.
by K-Gean April 10, 2010

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