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When an IT professional using an array of mediums to communicate, most commonly, conference calls or emails containing technical jargon a normal or intellectually inferior employee or client won’t understand.
Don’t be fooled by imitators, techups are delivered at the highest level of IT from only the highest level of engineers.
"Dude, he's a jabroni just tech 'em up!"

"Dude, the guys in that NOC are Busch league, just tech 'em up!"

"Dude, he doesn’t know shit- Tech his ass up"

"Dude, you should have heard them on the bridge, I started teching them up and their network guys went silent."

Tim asks:
"Mike, what should I tell this guy, we reloaded his router by accident"

Mike replies:
"Tim, just tech 'em up!"

Tim replies:
Tech 'em up!? How!?

Mike replies:
You know?! Just say a bunch of IT acronyms like BGP,OSPF,TCP IP,EIGRP spanning tree, STFU, I know more than you. You just been teched up now get the fukk out of here. Oh yeah, ISIS and pim sparse mode too.

The user will announce his compliance via spoken word or by nodding his head dismally and walk away with headache. Best thing about an old fashioned techup is the aforementioned user will never ask you a question again.

Perfect, thanks Mike!

by K-Dog09 July 29, 2009

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