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Short for "Northampton" as in Northampton Massachusetts, a artsy, college town about 90 miles west of Boston. Its a local term coined after the city became a haven for artists, mimicing "SoHo" in NYC.
I'm going over to Noho to pick up some chinese food, and maybe look in that new art gallery that opened.
by K-Car Tuner May 17, 2004
Adjective - Awesome, Bitchin', Possessing the qualities of something that is produced in Japan for consumption in Japan (JDM - Japanese Domestic Market), these items are often percieved to be superior to american products and have a rabid following who will purchase them no matter what the price, even if there is a better domestic alternative. Often used sarcastically.
1. Dude, that right hand drive Silvia, is totally JDM Sweet, because it has a SR20DET engine, not that stupid truck motor we get here.

2.(sarc.) Those 80 dollar ground wires you got off ebay for your tercel are JDM Sweet, y0
by K-Car Tuner May 16, 2004
A decent AWD twin turbo sports coupe produced by Nissan which is not sold (unless imported) in the United States. The release of the Gran Turismo games and Fast and the Furious movies has given this car a mythical aura in the view of teenagers and young adults who are into the import scene. They view it as the end all be all of automotive technology, imbued with JDM sweetness by the hands of god himself, to which no other vehicle can compare. Of course, much of this is owed to the fact we don't get it here in the United States, if we did, it wouldn't be quite as cool.
Young Billy became quite distraught on the realization that there are indeed domestic cars that outperform the legendary Nissan Skyline.
by K-Car Tuner May 16, 2004

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