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It's short for Bitch Ass Trick.
I gonna slap that B.A.T.
by K spec September 12, 2005
Can describe anything that is simple or childish.
I just finished my last final, it was cake babies.
by K spec December 28, 2005
The second class friend who will do even the crappiest tasks for you.
Diddy, made his low dawg walk to Brooklyn and buy him some cheesecake.
by K spec September 12, 2005
Description or exclamation of stupid speech or actions. An error message. A subtle way to let someone know, they're stupid.
"I think the Pope is a Muslim."
Reply: "Wot does tigers eat?"
by K spec May 25, 2006
It is short for Dumb Ass Bitch.
That D.A.B., cut me off.
by K spec September 12, 2005

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