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When, in a last minute effort to become re-elected, a political figure happens upon a bit of "lucky coincidence."
News from October 31: We found Osama!

... although we really had his ass in a cell under the Pentagon the last three years.
by K Dawg Plus September 06, 2004
Trick out with your dick out.

Rock out with your cock out.

Roast out with your toast out.

School out with your tool out.

Greet out with your meat out.

Ring out with your thing out.

Roll out with your roll out.
This has to be filled out so here's one more:

Wad out with your rod out.
by k dawg plus July 16, 2004
"Sure enough"
Excuse me, but this is a country club, shouldn't you be outside sir?
Sho nuff HONKEY!
by K dawg Plus May 17, 2004
Any action which combines ghettoness, extreme luck, and blatent stupidity.

Not neccessarily an insult, can also be used to credit one with luck or an uncanny ability to act in a way "unfit" for "normal" people.
1. Ironing a shirt while it's on
2. Getting away with stealing shit from a house and speeding afterward.
3. Consistantly forgetting your work uniform, but going to work anyway
by K dawg plus March 08, 2004
Refers to a young man who has not yet entered into maturity. Subject may habitually dress in an assortment of brand-name preppy clothing. Accessories include shell necklace, highlighted hair, white sneaks, cargo shorts, hemp bracelet, and a clueless expression.

Often a Hollister Face will have no social abilities beyond imitating characters on MTV, and he will serve as the "de-facto" amateur bartender at all social gatherings
Joe: Did you meet Mary's boyfriend?

Mark: I sure did, and he is a true Hollister-face

Joe: Yea. I guess she was done slumming it, but not yet ready for a real man.
#hollister #preppy #douchebag #poser #tool
by K Dawg Plus July 02, 2009

PART ONE THE TRICKS_____Try for a warm, sunny, dry day. This will pump the number of desirable targets up considerably. Joggers and dog walkers are the best, as well as clumps of kids. Clumps are found commonly at strip malls and 7-11. Once you find a target get ready for PART TWO.

PART TWO STRATEGY_____After a target is selected, make sure all of the windows in your vehicle are rolled down. Next, wait until the moment that you are passing your target, turn your head toward them, and yell “Trick”. This yell is best suited for a deep yell, rather than a high scratchy one. All to many people make the mistake of screaming it like a girl. Sustain your loud, deep yell for two seconds. In a car with a large number of people the strategy is the same, except a countdown is a good idea: 3-2-1 (for pacing) and finally “TRICK!”. This works well. If someone is doing a poor job you may assign them a new word, such as “get the hell out of the car” Then, yell “TRICK!” at them.

PART FOUR Trick shouting may possible have a detrimental effect on society, although this idea is fanciful and unproved. It is this belief that makes many people embarrassed after the have executed PARTS one and two. Trick shouting is nothing bad, and you need to realize that instead of feeling bad, you should feel proud! Think of it as community service with none of the convicts. After you hit a trick turn to look at them. Some will wave with a finger, and, if you’re lucky, may shout back (I have only had a return shout happen once).
In all, there are many things to consider when TRICK SHOUTING. Be reasonable. You are out there to have fun, and to return a little bit of what you have taken from society—nothing.
by K dawg plus July 13, 2004
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