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As you are about to release your load in a chick while doing her from the South end, you withdraw your utensil and make a healthy deposit on the small of her back. Before you lay down and fall asleep, you write your name or love note in the puddle as if you were finger painting. For greater visibility, take her to a club with black-lights afterwards.
I wanted to remind my bitch that I love her, so I gave her a sticky note.
by K White February 06, 2007
Contraction consisting of three words; We, Have, and Not.
We'ven't received the parts we ordered three days ago.
by K White July 23, 2007
After space docking with a chick, you screw her abnormally hard in a position of your choosing. If you lasted more than a meager 5 minutes, the chick should be able to muster up a pretty nice quief. The turd which was loaded through the space docking procedure mentioned earlier, should be launched from her vagina like a cannon ball, just squishier. To achieve greater distance, you must "go the distance."
After I nailed the bitch, I was almost nailed by a chocolate cannon ball.
by K White February 06, 2007
A Newton's apple is the practice of dumping on a chick's head while she is unaware you backed up to her from above. The unexpected impact of your turd against her skull will remind her of the principle of gravity, just as was Sir Isaac Newton when he sat beneath the apple tree.
This one ho dropped my cell phone, so I demonstrated the shitty effect of gravity by giving her a Newton's apple.
by K White February 06, 2007
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