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14 definitions by K Wheezle

euphamism for "Fuck"
I can't believe he said the F word on national television.
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
55 12
Partially extended version of wtf created as an answer to What the F?. Leaves in the part everyone expects you to censor.
Person 1: Adam says he broke your TV
Person 2: Wt fuck?! I'ma break his face!
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
46 19
Balls In Ya Mouf.
Person 1: Hey, I wanted to talk to you about last night...
Person 2: Hey, you know what? BIYM! Okay? Last night never happened.
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
39 24
Combination of "Hell yeah!" and "Damn right!" Expresses emphatic agreement.
Person 1: Guess who aced that Chemistry exam.
Person 2: You did?
Person 1: Hell right!
by K Wheezle May 26, 2004
12 0
General insult used particularly when questioning one's intelligence or competence.
Man, quit being such an Ftard and get in.

This new policy is Ftarded
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
13 4
The flipside of Hell right!. Also used to express emphatic agreement.
Person 1: Want to go to Mallet tonight?
Person 2: Damn yeah!
by K Wheezle May 26, 2004
7 3
developed as an anti-euphamistic answer to "The F word."
Person 1: What did he say that caused such a stir?
Person 2: The 'Fuck' word.
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
13 9