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euphamism for "Fuck"
I can't believe he said the F word on national television.
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
Partially extended version of wtf created as an answer to What the F?. Leaves in the part everyone expects you to censor.
Person 1: Adam says he broke your TV
Person 2: Wt fuck?! I'ma break his face!
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
Balls In Ya Mouf.
Person 1: Hey, I wanted to talk to you about last night...
Person 2: Hey, you know what? BIYM! Okay? Last night never happened.
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
Combination of "Hell yeah!" and "Damn right!" Expresses emphatic agreement.
Person 1: Guess who aced that Chemistry exam.
Person 2: You did?
Person 1: Hell right!
by K Wheezle May 26, 2004
General insult used particularly when questioning one's intelligence or competence.
Man, quit being such an Ftard and get in.

This new policy is Ftarded
by K Wheezle May 25, 2004
1) J.R.R. Tolkien, an accomplished professional philologist as well as novelist, described "cellar door" as the most beautiful combination of sounds possible in the English language. This is an alternative spelling.

2) Land of the mythical twin Nor'veI cities of Alagasco and Tennegasco
1) Man, 'celardor' doesn't even sound that cool; I don't know what he was talking about.

2) "...and they journeyed for a fortnight and a half deep into the country of Celardor..."
by K Wheezle May 26, 2004
The flipside of Hell right!. Also used to express emphatic agreement.
Person 1: Want to go to Mallet tonight?
Person 2: Damn yeah!
by K Wheezle May 26, 2004
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