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Someone who was born and raised in Troy, NY. They are commonly found beating up, throwing eggs at, or harrassing the dorks that are found at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, who then return to their dorm rooms to clean themselves off and write about their awful experiences on urbandictionary.com. They then proceed to cry themselves to sleep hoping the Troylets won't strike at them again within the coming weeks.
Troylets enjoy:
-Drinkin' 40's of cheap malt liquor then throwing the empty bottles at the heads of unsuspecting RPI Pep Band players with their heads already lowered on account of their most recent hockey loss to another unranked opponent.
-Dowsing the new business suits of RPI students with sour milk as they walk innocently to their job interviews.
by K T January 21, 2006
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