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(Noun) An Asian scapegoat for any wrong done by a person. He can be blamed for anything, even as severe as killing someone or somethink like an earthquake.
A person honks their horn in traffic and one is to yell "Michael Liu!" as if he is the one honking.
by K Sizzle April 05, 2006
The act of killing an unborn baby. This is sometimes done by giving saline solution to the baby which totally burns the skin until its black, with the baby dying in the meantime. Doctors sometimes put these babies down garbage disposals while they're still screaming and crying, plucked out of their warm comfortable home and slashed to pieces by sharp metal. By the end of many abortions the babies will be dismembered, usually their heads and arms ripped off, and occasionally the legs will have been ripped off too. I don't even want to imagine what it would feel like to be so literally "torn apart". Babies have feelings right when they are "hatched" so they DO go through all the pain of burning or dismembering. The mothers say that this is their body, they can do what they want. Well, if it's their body, why dont they feel all that physical pain? Why dont they bleed uncontrollably or scream and cry and pass out in pain?

My Opinion: (if you dont know already)

Abortion is just another way people can cover up their wrong choices without having to follow through with consequences. They take their ability to produce life for granted. Some people that have been raped want to get an abortion so they won't be traumatized later in life. I'd rather go through life knowing that I gave my baby to a loving family where it can grow and learn than knowing I killed it gruesomely without giving it a chance. There are many people that have had abortions that are still traumatized by it, and have dreams about it. Which is better?
Chris--"Did you hear that Lindsey got pregnant?"

Mike--"Yeah she was sleeping around with Drake again. It's not a big problem though, she's just gonna get an abortion."
by K Sizzle April 08, 2006

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