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Five Guys (short for Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries) is a fast food chain that originated in the Washington D.C. Area. They serve mainly burgers, fries, grilled cheeses, and hot dogs. Five Guys' burgers and fries are probably the best hamburgers you will ever taste in your life time, or at least the best burgers for so cheap. Everything is freshly made. While you wait you can munch on some free peanuts. If anybody who is allergic to peanuts gets within a hundred yard radius of a Five Guys they would probably die. If you are near a Five Guys you are truely lucky. If you aren't don't fret there are about 87 right now along the East Coast and they are hoping to have over a 1000 of these burger haven's by the end of 2007.
Person 1: "Hey where were you?"
Person 2: "Uh....Five Guys"
:Person 2 Holds up a brown paper bag with grease stains:
Person 1: "Did you bring me any back?"
Person 2: "Oh woops I forgot, sorry"
:Person 1 strangles Person 2 and enjoys their much needed fix of Five Guys:
by K S September 02, 2006
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