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The equivalent of "Bitch better have my money" said while wearing a bear suit a la Blake form Workaholics.
Adam: You ready to get weid tonight or whhhhaaaatttt?

Blake: Fuuur sure.

Adam: Yo, you lookin' straight grizzly!

Blake: Bitch better have my honey.

Adam: Ohhh, bear puns. I like that.
by K Diz Mc October 09, 2012
An unusual type of a hand job in which the giver rolls the penis between the thumbs forefingers parallel to the shaft and then rolling tips together as if rolling a joint.
Dude, have you ever gotten a joint roller?

What the fuck are you talking about?

That chick started rollin' my dick like a joint last night.
by K Diz Mc October 06, 2012

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