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115 definitions by K

A slick Mofo! Haha. A great skater and his skills are amazing especially seeing as he hasn't been skating for very long.
Zee Terry Kennedy of the element skateboards team.
by K February 27, 2004
To fuck someone...and still make it okay to fuck others...nothing serious...to you anyway!
No he's not my boyfriend...I'm just "seeing" him..Oh and his besst friend his dad, dog and brother too!
by K August 20, 2003
An androgenous youth who attains attributes that are stereotypes of the opposing gender.
She's cut off all her hair in an attempt to go boi-ish.
It seemed that every shirt he owned was a half-shirt that screamed 'boi'.
by k September 15, 2003
Little Person, Midget, Or Small Child
Please leave my shnoogan alone or he shall bite you
by k July 05, 2003
Term used in the batty community to describe the appearance of the ass hole
After getting chutney on his chin, Ritt proceed to go right for a munch on his batty boy's leather cheerio.
by K December 16, 2003
Present day verbage describing Haresh-bai's wrankly nut sack draped across the chin of young Ritt like a broken magic carpet that came in for a crash landing dot style.
So Dan, did you finish up your date last night by getting some chutney on your chin?
by K December 16, 2003
really hot kid at medford memorial
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by k March 21, 2005