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An androgenous youth who attains attributes that are stereotypes of the opposing gender.
She's cut off all her hair in an attempt to go boi-ish.
It seemed that every shirt he owned was a half-shirt that screamed 'boi'.
by k September 15, 2003
A name, loosely synonymous with "bitch," that men call women who seek power and control (i.e. traditional "male" qualities) over their lives. Usually insinuates that a woman is breaching her "subordinate place" by attempting to put forth ideas and beliefs that are threatening to male social dominance and power (...if ever there was a Nazi-power).
What? Naomi Wolf says that women don't have true equality with men? That stupid feminatzi bitch! She should shut up before they notice...
by K June 16, 2006
To make nervous or to worry.
Listen, kid. Stop giving me odgeda.
by K February 14, 2005
Term used in the batty community to describe the appearance of the ass hole
After getting chutney on his chin, Ritt proceed to go right for a munch on his batty boy's leather cheerio.
by K December 16, 2003
Little Person, Midget, Or Small Child
Please leave my shnoogan alone or he shall bite you
by k July 05, 2003
Present day verbage describing Haresh-bai's wrankly nut sack draped across the chin of young Ritt like a broken magic carpet that came in for a crash landing dot style.
So Dan, did you finish up your date last night by getting some chutney on your chin?
by K December 16, 2003
really hot kid at medford memorial
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by k March 21, 2005

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