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1800's. To dispose of a outlaw, or to remove a personality from the "frontier".
"We eihtsics that varmint last week."
by k March 06, 2005
A person, usually named Kristin, that sleeps much more then 8 hours a day.
Damn, that girl is a over-sleeper.
by K February 03, 2005
An 'L337' way of saying 'maximum' that teenagers use to seem cool. Guys at gamestores seem to say it a lot in certain areas, too.
Guy: Dude, lookit my new videogame!
Guy #2: Halo 2? That game roxxorz maxxorz!
by K November 27, 2004
1. Simply not meeting the standards
"I paid $1,500 for this dog-ball ass ERM."
by K September 24, 2003
'to kashluk' is the reverse action of 'to scat', as if the words of a speaker were feces and it was pouring out of his mouth
That man kashlukked like a politician.
by K March 22, 2004
A term used to describe a mistake, generally of the sexual nature.
Shit Man! You pulled a Vail with that guy!
by K March 18, 2004
Blasee"YAWN" Unoriginal,contrived,over-sampled or"stolen. "Actually go back before Biggie or Nas to EPMD and the father, Rakim to when there was actually a DJ with talent, to find this sound." Money he Got all good.
But get him off my t.v. and papers.
Donald trump and David Gates have Mad money and I love them. They earned it through being innovative. This cat should be out in the subways with a hat and a harmonica.
Damn your shit sounds Jay-Z
by K January 14, 2004

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