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When a batty, batty boy takes a bakers dozen worth of schwans across his lips until climax without spitting or swallowing and finally leans his head back and gurgles that goo like it's mouthwash.
After the last schwan left his mouth batty Ritt showed off for the bat's by becoming a goo gurgler for five minutes straight.
by K December 16, 2003
he's funny, sweet, fun and mysertious..one of the people id most like to know better
by k October 09, 2003
literally means "dirty girls" but is also refered to a tight group of girls.
#1 that girl over there is a suicia
#2 me and mah girls will foreva be tight as hell. Suicias 4 life
by K January 22, 2005
The European release title of Fatal Frame, a horror game where you battle ghosts using only a camera. So far the series has two instalments, ProjectZERO and ProjectZERO: Crimson Butterfly.
"I love ProjectZERO, it is full of random sexxage."
by K November 27, 2004
The transition from normal to extrordary. In Hip Hop or all music forms diverse and versitle. Not sounding the same multi faceted. And oh yeah..Killing all these industry females
by K July 29, 2004
abbrev. for "down low," as in "keep it on the down low," i.e. keep it quiet; mum's the word
I heard Chantuese though J was a hater til he showed her what a lover he could be. But I got that on the DL, so don't be broadcasting it.

by K February 12, 2003
1800's. To dispose of a outlaw, or to remove a personality from the "frontier".
"We eihtsics that varmint last week."
by k March 06, 2005

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