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2 definitions by Jzxky

Shevon is a lovely name. You would be proud to have it. People with the name Shevon tend to be: friendly, lovely, amazing, humourous, fashionable, loves loves, loves music. Basically an all-round stunning person. At times she can seem to be a quiet girl, but she's a real party girl at heart. She's really outgoing when she gets ready, which can take about three hours, but no one minds waiting. Ok, maybe a little. But it's worth it.
shevon, LEGEN- (WAIT FOR IT)...............DARY
by jzxky May 15, 2011
to hang your legs, generally with one or more friends or acquaintances, over a ledge of some description and shoot the breeze or quietly contemplate the universe.
Guy1: That ledge looks like a mean place to just hang legs.

Guy2: Yes, it seems like an ideal place to discuss Popper's philosophy.

Guy1: woooo
by Jzxky May 15, 2011