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A piece of dry feces, generally found resting upon a toilet seat.
While in a rush to use the bathroom, Jason unwittingly sat upon a nasticle.
by Jza February 13, 2004
A shallow lateral indentation on male genitalia.
Sometimes I get lint stuck in my ball crack.
by Jza January 03, 2005
Another word for the ghetto.
Imagine what two brothaz can do, from out the PJ.
by JZA April 14, 2005
In music, a down-tempo beat that is beyond ill: It is retarded.
Mutherfucker's beats is retarded!
by Jza February 07, 2004
Somewhat difficult or unpleasant
"Quit being so ball, little dickhead"
by Jza February 06, 2004
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