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Beating, usualy beating for no reason.
SOmething Pittsburgh city cops practice a lot.
Me:Im pullin a suit on dat cop
other:for what
Me:Brutality dog
other:what happened
Me:Brought me in on a bench and the beat the shit outa me
(you see I recieved A busted lip, black eye, 4 stiches, 3 chipped teeth, and I GOT A CITATION FOT THAT!, AND I GOT A MEDICAL BILL! ICalled for the fair one afterwards but to no avail they could only jump me you see .
by Jweazy September 30, 2005
Someone whom cant get off drugs or is addicted to drugs or has nothing to do but drugs or someone who does anything to get high
Yo dat dude is a straight snap.
You see this particular man (hereignafter called dude) is a drug addict. He gave me his television radio and his pair of his Timberland boots for a stamper.
by Jweazy September 30, 2005
1.Overpay fo an item
2.To have something stolen by authoritive figures in order to keep your freedom (CANT KEEP ME IN THE ACJ)
Ey yo, dat cop taxed da shit outa me.
A police officer of the law took money and/or drugs without your permission.
I jus got taxed on this dub sac yo
I was overcharged for this sandwich baggy with marijuana buds in it.
by Jweazy September 30, 2005
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