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female who has been single for a while and prefers (organic) vegetables to shop bought toys to tide her over
In the last couple of weeks, I have wrapped muself around a courgette (don't like the texture much) and a couple opf organic carrots (much better) and a cucumber but hell they are wayyyy too bulky! But seriously, it's time for a piece of meat, I don't want to stay a fanny vegetarian for ever!
by JuxTheFirst August 14, 2008
both a noun (someone who isn't a fully grown geek but half way there) and a verb (describing a geekish activity, but one that wouldn't put muggles {= non-geeks} off)
1. I'll introduce you to all my geek friends and in a few weeks you'll be a geekling yourself

2. Q: The weather was fabulous all weekend, we spend all of Sunday on the beach... and you? A: *mumbled* err.. I was just geekling about ...
by JuxTheFirst August 12, 2008
Someone utterly enchanted by anything Scottish (like petrol head)
She's been totally thistle headed since her first trip over the border, she even has black pudden for breakfast... every feckin day!
by JuxTheFirst August 14, 2008
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