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i. The phrase "yuck it up" was a way of mimicking laughter in '60s theatrical jargon. It was also used to describe the sound of laughing at comedy shows.

ii. A decade later, yuck became an expression of distaste or disgust, maybe due to the vulgarity of the jokes in the aforementioned comedy clubs.

Note: can also be used in adjective form, i.e., yucky

See also blech, ick, icky, ack, yech, blech, blah, bleh, yucky, hyuck & ew
i. Get ready to yuck it up, folks, it's Dan Ahdoot!

ii. Mr Wilson: Yuck! Who put this dead fly and clear, whitish fluid in my goddamn soup?! Dennnnis!!
by Juwanna Tinkle October 23, 2005
A graduate of Johns Hopkins University with honors in premed, Dan Ahdoot is one of the best comedians in American today. He was 2nd in Last Comic Standing and helped establish the Upright Citizens Brigade based improv troupe, Gun Show. He has also written for Comedy Central's Crank Yankers and opened for Lewis Black, Jay Mohr, and Dave Chappelle. A regular at every New York City comedy club, Dan also performs at college campuses across the nation.

One hell of a comedian.
Dan Ahdoot made me piss my pants.
by Juwanna Tinkle October 23, 2005
Known as Les Visiteurs in France. A kickass movie starring Jean Reno about an 11th century knight and his squire who are accidentally transported to modern times by a senile wizard. The plot centers around the nobleman's quest to return back to his own time by enlisting the help of his descendant. A cult classic in France. Its image has since been tarnished by "Les Visiteurs 2" and the American version "Just Visiting."
The Visitors is a funny movie. See it..Okkkkkk ayyyyyyyy
by Juwanna Tinkle October 23, 2005
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