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One of the worlds greatest bands ever! Notice how i didn't limit it to just "christian bands," possibly due to the fact that they are not just the greatest Christian band, but because they, among many people, are considered to be one of the greatest bands of all. Anyone who may disagree, you are entitled to your opinion, however, I would just like to inform that crack kills. If you are not one of the drug-doers to which I am referring, then you are probably not a Jesus-Loving homie, in which case I will pray for you.
1.)shelly: "switchfoot is the GREATEST band of all time!"
non-Jesus-Lover: "ummmmmmmmmm....no."
shelly: "CRACK KILLS!"
non-Jesus-Lover: " but...I..I...don't do...drugs."
shelly: "....(puzzled look)....really?"
non-Jesus-Lover: "yea."
shelly: "huh..I'll pray for you."
by Justina Johnson September 25, 2006

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