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An adjective often used to express disdain for the qualities of something or someone. Also see raggedy.
"I was destroyed at the paintball field because my cackass rental gun kept jamming."
by JustinBer January 17, 2008
The severed leg of a deer. Usually not the whole leg, it is almost always a section containing the animal's hoof. It is upstate New Jersey's answer to the cursed monkey paw, and represents an antagonist to the lucky rabbit foot.

In folklore, the deerleg will reappear to and haunt whomever finds it, even in their thoughts and dreams. It is a bad omen.
Friends of mine found the deerleg alone at an abandoned gas station in NJ during a road trip to a UFC event.
by JustinBer January 20, 2008
Venetian-Italian slang, a term used to indicate an individual who is especially rotund or obese. Can also be used to address an otherwise lean man with a bloated, out of proportion beer gut.
"Look at this dude wobbling up the stairs."
"Whoa, lol! Popatz!"
by JustinBer January 18, 2008
The twoplex is a pro-wrassling move, in which the aggressor grabs two opponents simultaneously at the waist from behind and executes an otherwise orthodox german suplex. Not to be confused with the double suplex.

This move requires opportunistic timing and explosive power. The twoplex is best used on an embracing couple.
Before they could kiss, John grabbed them and executed the most crushing twoplex I've ever seen.
by JustinBer January 20, 2008
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