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(V.) The act of ejaculating on a woman, then lighting the jizz on fire.
Reggie: "Yo man you have a good time at that party last night?"
Jarvis: "Fuck yea dude I Tiki Torched the shit outta' some girl so bad she's as crisp as a faggot's butthole!"
by Justin Xsen October 17, 2010
v: The act of standing on your hands and head upside down and pooping downward on yourself.

n: A poop taken in the tripod position.
Saul Stein: "Yo dude what you up to tonight?"

Terr: "Aww bro I got big plans after I finish stocking the milk. I gonna go take a tripod poop back at my place!"

Saul Stein: "Sick nasty dude, that sounds mad ill. That's gonna be a shit show! Get'cha popcorn ready."

Terr: "Fuck you Gumby!"
by Justin Xsen December 05, 2010

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