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2 definitions by Justin Washtell

1) "Luxurious living at very little financial or environmental cost."
2) "Maximum returns for minimum investment."

See also: sustainability opulence economy
"Look, that guy has a spa-tub in the back of his Metro. The econopulence!"

"I lay back in my orchard garden, grown entirely from seeds on the front of gardners weekly, and revelled in the fruits of my econopulence."
by Justin Washtell March 08, 2005
14 1
A state of more than existence. In contrast to subsistence, to supersist is to live very well, to thrive or to flourish.
Dave believed in living life to the max. He wasn't happy with just existing. He reasoned that he was here for only a short time, and therefore that time was going to be one of supersistence.
by Justin Washtell December 26, 2006
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