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The name given to an abortion, when one uses a coathanger and sticks it inside the vagina to abort the baby.
Cletus gave his wife Rebecca an Arkansas Omlet after a sex filled weekend up in th mountains in their travel trailor.
by Justin was here November 08, 2010
Another name given to a dildo. Usually pink. Long and skinny with a big tip on it.
With a swish of her fairy wand, all her wet dreams came true.
by Justin was here November 04, 2010
Name given to a large purple dildo that one wields to slay pussy.
She slayed the evil pussy with her purple sword.
by Justin Was Here November 03, 2010
The umbilical cord in Arkansas. It can not be cut and used to control the baby.
She went to the kicthen and all the sudden had her 19th baby. Quick catch it,its a fast one. Wait I have an Arkansas leash. Come back here Jebadiah
by Justin was here November 10, 2010

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