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Vigorous masturbation
Matt: So Greg, what are you doing today?
Greg: Oh, i'm doing nothing much really.
Matt So, in other words you are going to masturbate vigorously all day.
Greg: ...yes.
by Justin Till October 01, 2009
To do or say something that is lame, gay, nerdy or just plain embarassing just as hot chicks walk past.
Sam: (As chicks walk past) I am so awsome at World of Warcraft.
Matt: Ha! Suck shit Sam those chicks heard you.
Sam: Ah, crap.
Matt: That was so Rayfield.
by Justin Till October 01, 2009
A horrible person.
Jordan: (While playing Halo 3) Matt don't you dare kill me with that energy sword.
Matt: Ha! Got ya!
Jordan: Fuck you! You are such a greg!
by Justin Till October 01, 2009
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