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A coeducational liberal arts college of 1100 students located in Haverford, PA. Although not formally affiliated with any religion, Haverford was founded by Quakers, and values such as respect, tolerance, and concern for others are integral in the college community. The academic and social Honor Code, written originally and affirmed annually by the students, is a central part of Haverford. Because of the Honor Code, students are able, to a large extent, to govern themselves. Most tests are unproctored. There are few rules at Haverford that don't have to do with being respectful of others and keeping students safe. Discipline is overwhelmingly restorative rather than retributive. One can pretty much do whatever he or she wants as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Academically, Haverford is one of the strongest colleges in the country.
Student: Haverford is sweet; everyone looks out for each other, and it's like the Amsterdam of small liberal arts schools.
by Justin T August 02, 2005
Half-melted, sticky, thick.
Man, it's hot. These chocolate doughnuts are mooky.
by Justin T August 02, 2005

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