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Another name for vagina. A dirty one that leaves marks in the underwear. Sometimes stuff drips out the bottom and runs down your arm while you are eating.
That whore has been with so many people I bet she has a greasy taco.
by Justin S February 07, 2005
When the belly gets so big you can't tell where the belly stops and the puss begins. It is one big round front. See also gunt.
That is the biggest pusss belly I have ever seen.
by Justin S February 07, 2005
Mud created by mixing dirt and piss. Mainly formed by many people peeing outdoors in the same spot.
Hey Vance if you pee behind that tree look out for piss mud.
by Justin S February 07, 2005
Accidently plunging your finger/fingers into anus,once and not enjoying it, during the act of wiping. Usually because of inadequate wiping material. Doing this repeatedly falls under self gratification.
That toiletpaper is so thin I just got a self shocker.
by Justin S February 07, 2005
large ducks that quack with a lisp
look at that kizzy
by Justin S October 26, 2003
When a guy cums on a bitches face and she leaves it to dry.
Bill gave Sally a Gothic Mole After a good night at the movies.
by Justin S February 25, 2005
This is when you have to shit so bad some of the shit is sticking out your ass, thus looking like a beaver head coming out.
I can't sit down right now I have a beaver head poking out.
by Justin S February 09, 2005

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