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Misguided children who think that their life in the suburbs is too hard for them. So, they dress in black, refuse to listen to normal music, wear pants so tight that their testicles burst, slit their wrists, and log on to myspace. The world hates them and they hate the world and everything is so said boo-hoo. They will also lock themsleves up in their rooms and ask why their life in the suburb is so bad. Emosexual people aren't real, so don't be careful about what you say. They have no feelings, except sadness. You can beat the crap out of them and the only thing that would happen (besides your laughter) is their boo-hoos. Don't treat them normally or you will get an emo kid who thinks he is cool. Not good at all.
Emosexual #1: Hey look, I'm rich- let me slit my wrists!
Emosexual #2: Yeah everyone hates me. Boo-hoo.
by Justin P. McGee November 06, 2006

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