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Garbage dick is a name you call someone who will fuck anything with 2 legs and a pulse. He has no standards and it will be apparent after you see the nasty bitches that he's hooked up with.
Brian: "Did you see that hot piece of ass I just got with?"

Justin: "Damn dude, I think that girl was passed out...and 16...and part monkey...you're such a garbage dick"

Brian: "I know, I'm the man!"
by Justin Jones May 21, 2006
The 3-beer challenge is a drinking game in which the contestants drink 3 beers as fast as they can. At the start of the competition, only 1 beer may be opened, and the first beer(wich is already opened) must be on the table. Whoever drinks their 3 beers the fastest wins.

The best part of this game is that after the challenge, everyone gets a good quick buzz afterwards, setting you up for a great night.
I don't even care that I lost to you in the 3-beer challenge, I still got a good buzz and it made your sister look even hotter.
by Justin Jones May 28, 2006
A cup formation in beer pong in which the team must be incredibly cocky to ask for during a re-rack. Instead of a triangle or a diamond formation, the starry night is the remaining cups spread out and not close to eachother at all, hence the cups are like stars, and the table is the night sky.
Are you serious? We got a starry night and still beat you guys by 4 cups? Go kill yourselves.
by Justin Jones May 28, 2006

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